ROI of Predictive Maintenance Solution


  • 200KWequipment or above(Accounted for 20%): Set
  • 70 - 200KWequipment(Accounted for 20%): Set
  • 15 - 75KWequipment(Accounted for 40%): Set
  • 0 - 15KW equipment(Accounted for 20%): Set

Plant Basic Information Close

  • Annual Production: Ton
  • Production per hour
  • Equipment Average Profit(per ton): Dollars
  • Equipment Value in total: Dollars
  • Equipment Average Service Life: Years

Cost Reduction of Unplanned Downtime Close

  • Unplanned Downtime Reduced: Hours/Year

    (Take average of history data, PdM can eliminate 2 unplanned downtime per year, it takes 2-4hours to receover from downtime, take average3hours)

  • Direct lost per hour of unplanned downtime: Dollars
  • Indirect lost per hour of unplanned downtime: Dollars
  • Total cost saving per year of unplanned downtime: Dollars

Cost Reduction in HSE Sector Close

  • Time cost of on-site inspection in person per equipment: Mins
  • Inspection reduced after real-time monitoring:
  • Time cost saving: Hours
  • Persons
  • Unit employee cost: Dollars/Year
  • Total Cost Saving per year: Dollars

Maintenance Cost Saving Close

  • Maintenance Cost per equipment per year: Dollars/Set
  • Cost Saving Portion by PdM: (Data Statistics)
  • Total Maintenance Cost Saving: Dollars

Equipment Life Extension Conversion to Cost Saving Close

  • Equipment Life Extension: (Overseas Data Statistics)
  • Total Yearly Cost Saving: Dollars

Annual total savings from predictive maintenance Close

  • Annual total savings from predictive maintenance:
  • Dollars
  • Equipment accident risk redeuced by:

  • Other advantages:
    Improving safety and reducing inspections in hazardous/remote areas,
    improve the quality of equipment operation and reduce unplanned interruption of equipment,
    improve the visibility of asset health, thereby improving equipment spare parts procurement and inventory planning,
    improve staff satisfaction and provide good working environment.

Investment in Predictive Maintenance Close

  • Terms of Investment Years
  • * Total predictive maintenance from predictive maintenance: Dollars
  • Equipment in monitoring:
  • Sensor Qty. Piece
  • Repeater Qty. Piece
  • Project Investment: (Selection variety)

  • *Project Mode:

    DollarsRate of Return:814.89%

  • *Saas Mode:

    DollarsRate of Return:371.23%

  • This calculator only provides estimates and cannot be used for quotation or commercial purposes. Where available, the default value is based on the industry average.